is our proprietary home building and design approach that provides our clients the unique opportunity to design their homes to their specific requirements and tastes.

We believe that every customer has a unique relationship with his/her living space. We also believe that your home should be an accurate reflection of your style. Thus we created E-nsight, an in-house methodology designed to allow our customers customize the look and feel of their homes. E-nsight provides our customers the unique opportunity to participate in the process of building their homes, enabling us understand their needs and their tastes and translate insights from these interactions into beautiful homes.

We like to think of E-nsight as the "home and building equivalent" of Pandora Radio. You select all the key components (including colors, fittings, lightings, cabinets, etc.) and we create a beautiful living space for you. Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary or somewhere in-between, our team will help you realize your vision.